Not working on SRXL Port

  • I have a new setup using an iGyro SRS connected to the new Spektrum AR12310T 12-Channel PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry Receiver. The transmitter is a DX18 gen1. I set it up using the SRXL port. I have a three wire cable from the SRXL port to Serial Input 1 and a 2 wire cable (power and ground) from an empty channel in the receiver to Serial Input 2. The GPS is in the GPS port.

    The iGyro version is 25

    As soon as I set the iGyro for SRLX one of the servos (left elevator) started osculating fast continuously. I powered down and pulled that servo plug from the iGyro and continued. I tried to set the input mapping and the right aileron was set correctly on 2. The left was set at 17 and I was not able to move it. I found that if I unplug the the SRXL cable and only had the two wire cable I was able to set the input mapping I also plugged the the elevator servo back and it was still. As soon as I connect to the SRXL port I see the problem.

    I prefer to use the SRXL mode. Is there an incompatibility with this new receiver? Is this the latest version?


  • Hello,

    yesterday one called us telling us that the Spektrum receivers with integral telemetry have a bug in the SRXL signal, some bytes are swapped. I cannot give an exact answer because I need to verify this first.

    SRXL is a standardized bus signal, so if it is on receiver side Horizon has to fix it.

  • That is very disappointing. When Spektrum first offered this receiver there was a major flaw that required a recall and after many months of testing they gave this new replacement a clean bill of health. It looks like my options are to set it up with 3 antennas using the DX18 mode or find an old version. Have you head of any other problems with the receiver?

    Many thanks for your reply

  • Hi Richard:

    I was talking to Andy Kuntz at Specktrum and he said that there are 3 CRC implementations for SRXL that vary according to source, and that these allow the message receiver to differentiate the signal source and act accordingly.

    He said it was working with other devices.

    In the mean time I will check to see if there is an update for the receiver.

    Thanks again.

  • Andy is very active on RC Groups where he helps with Transmitter Programming issues. I have contacted him there before several times.

    I had pre-ordered my receiver so it is a very early one. I thought that there may be an update. I contacted Spektrum tech support and they said that I have the latest version.

  • Hello,

    got an answer 5 minutes ago: Spektrum changed the checksum bytes and made the bus bidirektional. It´s simply a different bus with the same name...SRXL

    For our customers: maybe it´s cheaper, has more features (regulated voltage, servomatching...) and easier for wiring if you take a Mercury with 3-4 satellites: Mercury SRS

  • Hello Richard

    Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I agree with you 100% the best option is the Mercury SRS. The plane is a 2m skymaster viperjet and In this case the install is tight and I am not sure it would fit unless I started over again. Unless you are able to make a modification I will add three extra antennas and set it up using the DX18 mode.

  • I am sorry to say that I have a new problem after configuring my iGyro for DX18 mode with 3 antennas. What happens is everything works normally when I power up but the elevator servos in the tail start to buzz and then it turns into an high frequency oscillation and slowly increases in movement until the iGyro turns off. It starts out as a mild buzz and then gets extreme. No display on the screen, servos quite and no response from the transmitter. The Spektrum receiver is still working. It took about 30 seconds from power up to turning off. I only let it do this once as I was worried about burring something out.

    Here is something that may be a clue to what is going on. I have two cables each with only power and ground in two empty channels going to the iGyro. If I unplug both from the receiver and then plug an 6.6 vdc battery in one cable the iGyro comes on and works normally.

    Here is a description of my setup.

    iGyro with 3 DMSX antennas set to DX18 mode.


    Left and Right Aileron and Rudder are Hitec HS-7940TH

    Left and Right Elevator are Spektrum A5060 Servos

    Receiver is a Spektrum 12 channel power safe model AR12310T with 3 DMSX antennas (the first one is built in)

    Batteries are a pair of Life 2 cell 2100 mah 6.6 vdc

    Transmitter is a DX18 gen1.

    When I initially set it up I did a bind on the Spektrum receiver. Next I did a bind on the iGyro by unplugging the two power leads and connecting a separate battery to the iGyro. Then plugging the power leads back in to the unused channels of the receiver.

  • Yes thank you. I have three antennas on the iGyro and three more on the receiver with the forth one built in.

    It the behavior of a low battery was kind of weird. The iGyro must have shut down at a slightly higher voltage then the Spektrum receiver. I had new batteries in and was using the small charge that they came with to test. Now they are fully charged and it is working very well. I will have to wait for warmer weather to fly it.

    Thanks again