• Richard,

    Using PBUS and set on IOS programmer plus 2S ext supply

    Blue Comm coneected to USB port and Blue comm powered from plug on Royal

    Latest Lightbox software on one unit original software second unit.

    servo works from plug P on direct connection to Royal

    servo works on plug from S BUS unit channel so signal to Lightbox is available

    Used USB to program Lightbox on output one and set IOS to P Bus

    One unit did not work at all which was a previous purchase but know to have worked, second unit which is new worked for a while but then on system re boot did not work at all.

    Tested with Unilight controller from socket P on Royal direct and that worked as did output fro S BUS also worked Unilght

    Now have tow Lightbox units not working.

    Any ideas welcome Richard as it appears I have done something wrong here and dont want to blow the third Lightbox I have.

    Is there any test I can do on the box itself ??

    Thank you


  • Richard,

    Yes they do work on PWM both of them right through the above testing regime. In fact all separate programming works better on PWM rather than P/Bus or Sbus . They both do in fact work on all three options but its the reboot from switch off that they become twitchy.

    I am using B/Bus PWM boxes which may have some bearing on this but both have V2 software. If this is the case a note in the booklet would save some aggravation. I am pleased it is solved as I have been singing their praises over the competition for reliability and predictability when setting up or changing program !!

    Thank you for the help and if you can confirm why this PWM is the setting to go for when using PWM boxes.


  • Hello,

    if you go through a PowerBus to PWM Box it must be set to PWM. If you use the daisy chain output from the PowerBus adapter you can set the light Box to S.BUS with correct wiring. If you do this you have to set the addresses in the PowerBox (P:BUS output mapping) and the addresses in the LightBox (with USB)

  • Richard just to clarify : I have used a daisy chain of PWM P/Bus boxes at the rear of the Panther fed directly from the Powerbox.

    I have set the address for the light box at the PWM box to the designated channel 16 from the PowerBus menu. The Power Box terminal via the IOS Blue com shows channel 16 automatically when connected to the USB for programming. This all works reliably except the on/of adjustable slider flicks back to the center sometimes. I have full servo ATV set and sub trim is zero. This would be fine but I am trying to switch landing lights only by a third channel using full switch travel. ie. Tail light and beacon with wing tip lights on channel 1 2 3 Landing lights channel 4 and come on when switch goes full 100% travel.

    Is this possible using PWM and the setup described above. Its not the end of the world but would be nice if possible.