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  • Hi,

    On Powerbox Systems homepage about the receivers for the CORE radio it is written

    "Reception quality and airborne battery voltage available via telemetry as standard".

    I have noticed that many RC systems today can display signal strenght value (mostly referred to by the term RSSI, Received Signal Strength Indicator) but it is perhaps not that helpful I have understood, since it say nothing about data quality sent and received.

    1. Can You tell something more about the reception quality, what is it really about and what will it help a pilot with?

    2. Is the CORE receiver "reception quality" a unique Powerbox telemetry value that no other RC manufacturer provide?

    3. On Your homepage It is a screenshot that show "LQI1" and "LQI2" for the transmitter and receiver (see below).

    a) I suppose LQI stands for Link Quality Indicator - right?
    b) And when LQI show 0% it is really bad or no link quality, and at 100% it is as good as it can be - right?

    c) I suppose it is possible to set alarms at suitable % of LQI?
    If Yes, is there any recommedation from Powerbox Systems at what % a user should start to be careful continue flying?

    d) Will it be any chance for a pilot if the LQI drops sudden to low value on all LQI's to be able to take some action (like try to stear closer to area where it previously was higher LQI value to maybe get back some link quality?
    d) Is it a "Link Strength Indicator" (similar to RSSI) in the CORE radio? If not, what is the reason not to have that (other manufacturers have it)?

    No hurry with answer.

    Thanks for Your time!


  • Hello,

    Yes- LQI shows the Link Quality- this is a percentage value of how many frames are good and how many are lost.

    RSSI can also be shown from the Core itself and from the receiver via telemetry.

    Yes you will be able to set alarms to any value (RSSI or LQI). there are no restrictions.

  • Hallo

    kann man zur Ladung des Senders auch wie beim weatronic einen LIPO mit Kabel und passenden Stecker verwenden.

    Wie ist die Polung des Steckers.

    Viele Grüße aus Aschau (jetzt reicht der Schnee)


    Ich finde es super das man die guten Dinge vom WEA beibehalten hat und das ganze verbessert und auf heutigem Stand.

    Wo findet man etwas wie der p2 Bus funktioniert.

    Vielen Dank:)

  • Hallo,

    im Prinzip ja - es müssen nur mindestens 10V auf den Ladestecker. Wir haben ja auch ein Autoladekabel dazu - wie bei unseren PowerBox Akkus auch.

    Die P²-BUS Unterlagen bekommen Sensor Hersteller gegen Unterschrift eines NDA´s.

    Spezielle Fragen beantworte ich aber natürlich auch so.