Basic Setup Assistant

  • Question is as follows. I have defined my outputs on my Royal for my servos and have test flown the plane. If I run through the basic setup assistant so I can use the gyro and do the test fly assistant will it reset any of my settings?


  • Hello,

    if you go through the Basic Setup Assistant, your settings will be deleted. If you go through the testfly assistant, you can adjust the gyro values. But to use the Testfly Assistant requires to go through Basic Setup Assistant...

    If you haven´t done that, you can adjust the gyro manually, but it´s not so easy and you cannot adjust the gyro in one flight.

  • Richard,

    I have a follow up question. If I want to run through the basic setup assistant so I can eventually use the testfly assistant do I need to unhook all my servos or can I just leave them plugged into the power box. I guess my ultimate question is will the powerbox, during the basic setup assistant, override the endpoints in my radio possibly causing damage?