Mercury SRS with Jeti

  • Hi Richard,

    Congratulations on your great web site and forum.

    I have a Powerbox Mercury, and intend to use a Jeti radio with two Rex 3 receivers on a turbine model. I bought the Mercury specifically for

    this model, however, I did not realize that each gear door uses a separate servo, leaving me with the following servos to connect to the Mercury:

    2 servos on elevator

    1 servo on rudder

    1 servo on nose wheel steering

    2 servo for ailerons

    2 servos for flaps

    1 channel for electron gear

    1 channel for electron brakes

    2 channels for lighting (unilight)

    5 servos for gear doors

    1 channel for smoke pump

    1 channel for turbine

    telemetry if possible

    is it at all possible to use the Mercury? Can I use any channels direct from the receivers even if I have to use a receiver with more outputs?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the Mercury.

    thanks and best regards

    Joseph Attard


  • Hello,

    this are a lot of servos - 19 ... the Mercury has only 15 outputs! I think the best solution would be to use a seperate doorsequencer which would take 6 servos away from the PowerBox... Or oyu take a Royal it has 24 outputs, all seperately usable.

  • Joseph,

    I was in a similar situation (with 2 rudders....) and I have used a separate door sequencer + put lighting control and smoke directly on the receiver (as it doesn't need to be secured...). Good to know that you can "save" channels on your receivers as the Mercury can manage 2 flaps or rudders or elevator with only one input.... so you can use these free channel to non essential fonctions such as lightning... but from RX output. No problem :-)