Mercury SRS with Jeti

  • Hi Richard,

    Congratulations on your great web site and forum.

    I have a Powerbox Mercury, and intend to use a Jeti radio with two Rex 3 receivers on a turbine model. I bought the Mercury specifically for

    this model, however, I did not realize that each gear door uses a separate servo, leaving me with the following servos to connect to the Mercury:

    2 servos on elevator

    1 servo on rudder

    1 servo on nose wheel steering

    2 servo for ailerons

    2 servos for flaps

    1 channel for electron gear

    1 channel for electron brakes

    2 channels for lighting (unilight)

    5 servos for gear doors

    1 channel for smoke pump

    1 channel for turbine

    telemetry if possible

    is it at all possible to use the Mercury? Can I use any channels direct from the receivers even if I have to use a receiver with more outputs?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the Mercury.

    thanks and best regards

    Joseph Attard