powerbus to bus adaptors and JR Nx8931 servos

  • Hello,

    I am using a JR Xbus system to power 22 JR NX 8931 servos in a giant scale model driven from a JR28X transmitter. From 2 JR XB2-CBH hubs I am using powerbus lead to Powebus to Bus quad adaptors to the servos. Although the system works perfectly the issue that I am faced with is that I am unable to program the servos when plugged in to the adaptors.

    It is necessary for me to program the servos directly from the receiver. When plugged back into the Powerbus to Bus adaptors the servos maintain their programmed parameters.

    Can you explain the reason for this and confirm the compatibility of the Powerbus to Bus quad adaptors with the JR Xbus system and NX servos.


    Andrew Herzfeld

  • Hello,

    the PowerBus adapter are made for S.BUS. This is the same signal technoligy like JR X-BUS.

    BUT: It´s only unidirectional, so the signal goes only to the servos, not back from servo to receiver. This diables the programming funtion of the servos.

    So in sum: You can use the adapters and all it´s advantages and safety featurs, but you cannot programm your servos when they are connected to this.