igyro 1e & Futaba 14

  • I’m just starting in the flight control world ,may be this will be a very basic question.

    I want to configure the gain of the Igyro 1e for the ruder , using a Futaba 14 SG.

    But i’m not successful following your QuickStart guide and programming at the transmitter at options model/ gyro.

    Can you be so kind and give me Some hints!!


  • Well, let’s go to what I set:

    At the Gyro option: type GY, this means AVCS; I set a pot (LD) as asked at you instructions, to set the gain.

    Still at the gyro option I ca set a% and turning the LD knob the % oscillates +_ 20%. However, I can only notice a very small change at the model. Seems to be more a delay than effectively the surface travel.

    I also defined an on/off switch

    Your instruction say to set +100 / -100 gain to the knob, what I did was define the travel 100 to one side and 100 to the other.

    In short words, programming just at the transmitter I can’t effectively change the gain at the model.

    Danke für die schnelle Reaktion!!!

  • Hello,

    in the transmitter you only take a normal channel with a pot and -100% to + 100% travel. Do not use the Futaba gyro options.

    From -100% to 0% you should see the heading function, means: if you move the model out of the center, the surface remains in the deflection

    From 0% to +100% you only see a short deflection of the surface. It´s going always back to center.