Radio adjustment Futaba 2.4 T10 CAG and Futaba 6014 HS receiver

  • Hello Richard,my questions:

    1. Can I fly safely with the R6014 HS receiver?

    2. Is the rx1 input sufficient?

    3. If I connect only 1 battery and it gives me a defective operation regulator: Is the regulator defective?

    4. I still do not understand the pairing, but I want to fly. Can I configure it mechanically?

    5. Suppose I try to do the pairing, but I do not let me initialize the first output. How do I proceed mechanically?

    6. Suppose I have Savox servos and get a good mechanical adjustment. The small noise that sometimes presents .. Would it be a problem when it comes to flying?

    7.Set the mAh of the batteries is only for a more accurate screen measurement? or does it influence the system?

    I must clarify :

    -Both the Savox servos and the receiver work in 6V, that's why first configure the PB with a 6v output.

    -Batteries in the system: 2 x 3000mAh, 7.4v.

    -I still do not test the PB with all the servos running.

    -Receiver: Futaba R6014 HS.

    -Radio: Futaba 2.4 T10 CAG.

  • Hello,

    a lot of questions, but the first question eleminates the following: The R6014 is not usable for the SRS PowerBox! It has no S.BUS output.

    You need a R6308SB or a R6303SB receiver!

    1. -

    2. -

    3. Connect both batteries and turn on both. Then all must be fine

    4. -

    5. Once you have the correct receivr, use the Setup Assistant to do the first steps.

    6. Some noise is normal, but you can use the Servomatching if you have more than one servo on one surface and make them running synchron

    7. It´s just for you a measurement to see better whats resident in the batteries.