power expander with ar9030t

  • Hi,

    I have connect an ar9030t to the expander changed the connection source to srxl and all fail safe is set to hold.

    I am using a DX18 g2 transmitter.

    The output channels on the expander from 2 to 12 are working, have not checked 13 to 18

    I am wondering why the channel 1 has no output.

    My main problem is getting the throttle failsafe to the correct position, if I set the throttle to again channel it sends the servo to the centre even if set it with the preset fail safe function.

    Have I done something wrong.

    Are the ar9020 and the ar9030t different.

    At the moment I have connected the throttle servo into the receiver port it works correctly there.

    Will this damage the expander if I were to use it like this.

    hope you can help