DJI Mavic causing Futaba Lockout

  • Interesting... is the videolink from the drone also with 2.4GHz?

    We have similar observations with Futaba here in Germany with WLAN. Futaba says, this is because the show the lost frame flag also if they have to jump over a used channel.

    In sum: You cannot say if Futaba is worse than the others- maybe the others do not show a single channel jump or one lost frame on the receiver output, in following of this the PowerBox cannot count lost frames...

  • Ich denke diese Videos sollte man der Fa. Futaba zusenden. Ich bin auch Futaba-Benutzer und wenn ich mir dies so anschaue bin ich wirklich entsetzt, dass Futaba da nicht eingreifft. Deshalb werde ich bei meiner nächsten Steuerung auf einen anderen Anbieter wechseln.

  • Wie gesagt: eventuell zeigt Futaba hier jedes verlorene Paket an und die anderen nicht... Bei manchem Anbieter habe ich schon den Verdacht dass über die Fehleranzeige der Datenpakete ein "Filter" gelegt wird. Demnach werden Verluste erst angezeigt wenn es mehrere verlorene Pakete hintereinander sind.

  • Hello,

    yes - maybe it is like that. They do not show a problem on the Bus so fast like Futaba does - so the PowerBox cannot count it. Maybe Futaba data is honest, the other ones not...

    But please: I´m not a Jeti, Spektrum or Futaba radio expert... they all are slightly different in hopping, radio chip and error correction. For sure some do better than the other.

    From all I know now about 2.4GHz technology because of working on the CORE, it´s impossible to get 100% of all data over a long time! There are always lost frames. So if a system is running over minutes without showing lost frames- there is a filter which doesn´t show everything !!

    In my opinion a test like above is not qualified to say one system is bad and the other one is good.

  • Richard,

    It's not just a frame reading problem. The guy that found this problem had a lockout while someone started a mavic in the box. Luckly startup was cancelled and plane didn't crash.

    Here is one example of a Futaba Fasst lockout:

  • Richard

    I experienced a Lockout today with Jeti, RX9 on primary, RX3 on secondary (all UDI) after maybe 20 minutes of bench testing with telemetry! I turned the MercurySRS off, and when trying to turn on again, it would not connect to the TX.

    I don't remember where I read in a thread of a similar situation but they mentioned it was related to the telemetry cable. As soon as I disconnect the Telemetry to EX cable, it immediately fixed the problem.

    I also read to always use an additional power cable from any servo output to the rx units, which I did. Is this necessary? there are no servos attached to the rx outputs

    I have not been able to reproduce the problem anymore but of course, I am concerned.

    Is this a known issue? if so, is there a workaround? Telemetry is certainly a must for safety reasons