Binding and elevator problem

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you for working on my igyro so quickly. I am now setting up and i have some strange responses, can you help?
    (JR DSX9 Tx with Spektrum ar 9100 Rx)

    1. When I go through the bind process as described in handbook and power up igyro/rx only rx satellites flash not igyro satellites. I bind the tx to rx ok lights go solid on rx satellites then i power off/on and bind igyro separately. Then I have solid lights on rx and igyro satellites. Can I assume that solid lights on all satellites mean all is ok and no problem? or because it doesn't work like handbook, could there be something wrong?

    2. I have 2 elevator servos each plugged into channels 3 and 9. 9 is mixed into 3 permanently and with no switches. The auto setup assist did not find elevator in channel 9, so i manually mapped the servo. FM1 all is fine and normal but when i go FM2 or FM3 one elevator moves faster than the other, it is an obvious differential. (and not ideal for flying!)

    Any ideas?


  • Hello,

    1. please ensure that you have used the 2-pole patchwires included in the set to connect iGyro and receiver. Connect both wires from any freechannel of the receiver to BUS1 and BUS2 of the iGyro

    2. The iGyro must find the second elevator. If you do that manually it doesn´t adjust second elevator in the in flight assistant. There will be no gyro gain on this elevator. I think this is the reason for the difference.
    To get the iGyro finding the channel: Move the stick several times over the middle. It must work- I´m sure!

  • will do...this evening.

    Something is making me think.... i seem to remember reading that the AR9100 is not a receiver, its a power distribution box with satellite receivers connected to it, rather than someting like a 7100 which is a receiver in its own right...

  • Hello,

    we cannot find any error in the program. Alexander and me tested now for several times with different transmitters. The mistake must be in your programming.

    Another point can be: make anly short and fast movements with the stick, don´t move it slow.

    if this doesn´t help: Can you please do a last test: Take a new model in your transmitter. Make a dual Elevator setup. and test again.

  • 50% progress. without doubt the 9100 is causing some anomalies with the binding problem. using the patch leads into the 9100 during bind and the igyro satellites do not flash until rx has bound.

    by plugging igyro directly into separate power source, then flashing lights are simultaneous.

    by this result we can see that the 9100 rx does not pass current to its channels until bound.

    now to look at elevators again :roll::roll:

  • That's it, hammer or 'gyro for sale'

    I have established that Spek AR9100 does not bind as per instructions.
    JR RD 921 does (probably because the 921 is not an integrated power distribution supply)

    But the elevator problem remains the same.

    The only common item is the transmitter and I have now tried a different memory, new model.
    I have tried separate mixes for the 2 elevator channels. Still the same.

    Any final ideas before the hammer?


    P.s i really appreciate your support Richard.

  • Richard,

    I hope you truly realise how clever you are :D

    Amazing, but since my elevator now thinks its undercarriage and my undercarriage channel thinks its Aux 4, everything works just perfectly.

    Now then do I investigate further??? Or do I just 'go fly' hmmmm....

    Many thanks for the excellent support, it makes the next purchase of powerbox equipment an easy decision. (I can already see you shaking)

    Best wishes