Royal SRS + Jeti (USA) setup

  • Royal SRS v18.9

    Jeti DS-24 + (2) R3-EX

    Rx 1 port 3 - connected to PB port - "RX1"

    Rx 2 port 3 - connected to PB port - "RX2"

    RX 2 port 4/Ext - connected to PB port "TELE"

    Would appreciate setup confirmation -

    On the PowerBox SRS side, I have configured as follows:

    TX-System: Jeti UDI

    Framerate: 12ms

    Jeti Tx (Device Manager) -

    Serial Link UDI

    Fail-Safe - Disabled

    Output period - 12ms

    PPM/UDI Mode - Direct

    Everything appears to be working, i.e. I can control flight surfaces, but I notice sometimes, one or the other Rx does not connect (PB RX-STATUS only shows 1 Rx). Also, not certain if or how to see remaining battery capacity.