Igyro srs with power expander

  • I’m using Igyro srs in combination with power expander for a 100 cc plane with 2 servo per ailerons

    How can i connect the 2 servos to control one aileron in order to go through igyro and also match them with my Futaba 18mz

    Ideea is to use two separate chanels on aileron left or right from igyro

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    I´m sorry- this doesn´t work. You need a PowrBox to do servomatching. There are two options:

    1. Competition SRS, the receivers are connected with S.BUS to the gyro and the gyro with S.BUS to the PowerBox. All servos are connected to the PowerBox

    2. Professional. Receivers are connected to the Gyro with S.BUS, the Gyro outputs go to the PowerBox. Throttle and other functions are connected with patchleads from receiver to the PowerBox with PWM. All servos are connected to the PowerBox.