Royal SRS and the disconnection of the pretense servos

  • I have a question about the disconnection of the pretense servos. i have Royal SRS; servo Hitec D980TW ... how does it work? Under what conditions will the output of the servo disconnect? I burned two servos on the flap because of a poor servo matching. Still, I think the servos should be protected against overfeeding. I am doing something wrong? I did not program the servos and used 7.4v everywhere.

  • Hello,

    the PowerBox doesn´t cut of the outputs- this would be very dangerous. The PowerBox cannot know if there is a high current demand or if a servo is burning. The Powerbox is able to bring that power over long time and the other servos in the plane are still working.

    Hitec servos tend to burn if overloaded... there are other brands not burning in that case.