Flap Speed

  • I have a turbine with 2 Flaps. I'm using a Futaba 18SZ and each flap is on a seperate channel. One of the flaps is about 1 second behind the other when they are lowering. I'm using the Air Brake to control my throws on the flaps but there is only an over all flap speed not one for each flap. I would like to adjust the flaps for speed without messing with the control horns etc to mechanically get them at the same speed which is not always a possibility. Should I be trying to use servo matching to get the timing correct? Any tips would be appreciated.



  • Hello,

    if you have setup the flaps with two channels in the transmitter you should be able to setup the speed seperately...? The PowerBox servomatching cannot adjust speed. If they run different in most cases the mechanics is different left and right.

  • I posted a message with Futaba Tech Support. I can only find a place to adjust the flaps on the 18SZ as one unit for lack of a better word. My friend who has the 18MZ has a choice in End Points for each channel for speed but I don't see any option like that.