• Hello Richard

    I use a Powerbox Mercury SRS on a 3m / 20kg WILGA with flaps. On normal phase (without gyro, ie FM1) I need to adjust the elevator trim when flaps are deployed (40° flaps requires a 3,5cm elevator down mixing). This works perfectly.

    What should I do when swithching in flight to FM2: let the mixing FLAPS-->ELEV set for FM1, or should all trims be inactivated in gyro modes (like we do with flybarless gyros on heli) and then should I let the gyro deal with the pitch up moment generated by the flaps ?



  • Hello,

    That´s a little difficult to handle: the Mercury checks on startup the stick middle and takes it in it´s memory. In this position the attitude assist works. So if you start the model in FM1 is different from FM2 if you have a mixer on the elveator.

    The easiset would be to activate the Gyro on elevator with attitude assist in a same way than FM2