Evolution minimum voltage

  • Hi

    I have just bought a new Powerbox Evolution and read in the manual that the unit records the 'lowest voltage which occurred during the flight'

    How can the unit show me a voltage figure via the LEDs when there are no digital displays?


  • Hello Ian S,

    the Evolution shows the battery volatge condition over the LED`s.

    For example: If the red LED`s will light up in flight, the Evolution will save this lowest value.

    On the ground, you can "read out" this value by pressing I + II. The red LED`s will light up.

    if only the yellow LED`s light up in flight, also only the yellow LED`s will light up by pressing I + II

  • Ok - thank you for clarifying

    I would suggest, with respect, that you should reconsider the wording in the manual for the future.

    The wording 'The LED which now lights up indicates the lowest voltage value which occurred during the flight' is not strictly correct. This statement would suggest that the actual minimum voltage figure can be displayed, but this is not the case.

    What voltage triggers the amber and red lights ?

    Do the external mounted LED come on when a battery has reached the amber LED level (on the Powerbox itself) , or just when it goes to red ?

    So far I've not managed to make the external LED switch on at all apart from a brief flash when turning the unit on.