Independent Vectored Thrust Flight Modes (FM4 FM5)?

  • Richard/Powerbox Community,

    I am a long time Powerbox/Igyro user in many turbine powered models and am looking at setting up a new V2 Futura 2.5m with vectored thrust (VT) on the rudder and elevator.

    This will be my first vectored thrust model and I am wondering how I can setup the VT independent of the other flight modes and make each VT function independently controllable and gyro controlled.

    Here is what I want to do:

    Setup the model like normal with my standard 3 position switch controlling Gyro Off, Gyro On, Gyro On (high gain/heading hold). All three of these modes would have the VT servos inactive.

    Now for the VT control I want them to be gyro enabled but I want them independently controllable by different switches than the gyro switch. I want to setup triple rates for elevator on my standard elevator rate switch with low, mid, and then high with elevator vectored thrust active only in high rate. Same thing for rudder on the rudder rate switch for low/mid/high (with VT active). Ideally I would be able to choose these triple rates in all three of the standard gyro FM conditions mentioned above.

    Is this doable?

    Is this doable with Royal and Mercury? I have not yet purchased one of these systems so I set the software to the latest.


  • Hello Scott,

    I read your demand now twice, but I fear two things:

    1. It´s not possible, as the Royal or Mercury has only 3 Flightmodes for the Gyro. Of course in combination with turning on and off vector functions in the transmitter you can make more flightmodes from transmitter side.

    2. You will overburden yourself in flight if you have so much flight modes. Flying 3D Jets needs most concentration, if you have 4-6 Flighmodes on two different switches you will come in confusion. For example turning off the VT gyro in hovering accidently will lead to a crash!

    I can´t imagine a flight situation where it is necessary to have elevator or rudder VT independent...

    I sent Danny a link how most 3D Jets are setup. You have then only 3 Flightmodes:

    FM1: Gyro off or only rate mode, VT control and gyro off

    FM2: Normal flying, starting and landing: Gyro with Heading on aileron. Elevator heading is your choice. Rudder gyro on. VT control and gyro off

    FM3: Gyro on 100% on all surfaces, no heading! VT control on (mixer in the transmitter)

    You will get experience with that setup first and then do some fine tuning.

    Here is the link again: iGyro/Royal SRS Setup für Vektorsteuerung