• Richard,

    I am setting up a Tutor with part P Bus and part conventional plug ins. Tail and wings are P bus, using pwm boxes.

    I prefer to allocate my own TX channels and not use the default as I find it confusing

    Is there a conventional order to set up so as not to lose some p/bus settings. For instance 1 I gyro 2 general set up 3 door sequencer etc etc ?? Dose it follow as per handbook is written ?

    Why are there two ail left and two right in the default settings for the output mapping ?

    Is this for dual servos and so you just re allocate them to other fuctions

    If I have just mode 1 one on door sequencer I am using A and F sockets and A= DS 1 what does F = ? DS 2 ??

    Sorry for list but although I have set up other models I am trying to streamline the process for the future.

    Thanks from man with old brain !!!

    David software V 17.9

  • Hello,

    you can remap function as you want. The Reset situation for the output mapping is just a proposal. There are two ailerons for aerobatic planes for example.

    But if you remap the PWM outputs, also the P-BUS mapping changes!

    The sequencer shows always all 6 outputs - if you don´t need them, you can use the unused outputs for other things.

  • Richard, thank you for the prompt reply as always.

    Just to finalise my question"

    If I am using Socket A for DS1 and socket F for the ONE group of doors what do I call socket F DS = ???

    Thank you