Royal SRS hold/antenna fades/lost frames with DMSS

  • Hi,

    I have a Royal SRS with 02 receivers JR DMSS RG812BX, every time I power up the Royal it shows 1 hold, some antenna fades and lost frames despite the distance from the transmitter (JR28X) is less than 1 meter. I updated to the new version of the royal (19.3) but it disn’t fix this problem. When I plug only one receiver everything works great. I replaced the 02 receivers but it shows the same failure.

    I have 02 others Royal SRS that work perfect with DMSS.

  • Hello,

    if you are close to the receiver it´s normal that you loose some frames. As you have 2 receivers the PowerBox is switching sometimes. The display is just reflecting your inputs from the receivers.

    I remember there has been an update to the signal controller which eleminates this (which in sum isn´t one) - it´s waiting with counting unless the signal is stable.

    Your signal controller is V03 (actually we have V09) which I recommend to update also in order to get a better performance.