Receiver 2 not “OK”

  • I have two Futaba 7008SB receivers bound to my model on an 18SZ transmitter. When the receivers are plugged into the PowerBox Mercury, both are powered on with a solid green led indicator but the PowerBox info screen only shows receiver 1 as “OK” and just “—“ for receiver 2. I’ve also confirmed that unplugging receiver 1 results in no control of the model. When I swap the receiver ports on the PowerBox, receiver 2 is then shown as “OK” - so even though my transmitter reflects being linked to two receivers, the PowerBox is only seeming to recognize the primary linked receiver. Did I miss a step somewhere?

  • Hello,

    I have a power box mercury and receiver jeti REX 10 (with DC 24 channel).

    I set the receiver jeti REX 10:

    -UDI 16

    -signal speed 10ms

    -ppm direct

    -failsafe inactive

    I connected directly mercury and receiver and the functions are correct (RX1).

    I set the receiver jeti R900sat:


    -failsafe inactive

    I connected receiver directly to the mercury (RX2) and I have this problem:

    I see in the display that rx2 is not stable, it quickly changes "ok" in "fs".

    In one minute of operation rx2 has lost 2000 times. Recorder file, ant fades.

    Thank you

  • Hello Everybody,

    here a short conclusion how to connect two 2.4GHz receiver and the 900MHz Backup receiver to the Powerbox:

    1st: Setup all receivers the same way (Framerate: 10ms, Failsafe: inactive, PPM-Setting: direct)

    2nd: Set one E-Output of each receiver to UDI16, so all receivers output UDI16.

    3rd: Use an Enlink 2RS plus flashed with the PPM-Firmware!

    Than connect the receivers as follows:

    One of the 2.4GHz receivers goes directly to RX1 of the Powerbox.

    The second 2.4GHz receiver goes to the master input of the EnLink.

    The 900MHz receiver is connected to the slave input of the EnLink.

    The EnLink output is than connected to RX2 of the Powerbox.

    Finally you need two patch leads(only plus and minus!!!) to deliver power to the receivers connected to the EnLink.

    You can take the Power out of two unused outputs of the Powerbox.

    So, I hope I did not overseen something...


  • Hi all

    May be this can help, it works for me

    - Rx1, connect primary 2.4 Jeti receiver (in my case a rex7)

    - Rx2, connect secondary 2.4 Jeti receiver(i have a R3)

    - set one port (e1 in my case) of rex7 to ext and connect there telemetry from powerbox)

    - set other port (e2) of rex7 to ppm input; set r900 port to ppm output, connect the two ports

    That’s it, it works



  • Hi George,

    Interesting! so you don't use an Enlink?



  • Connect it to the first rx (not the second), i tested and it works for me, have not noticed issues

    speed in all rx at 10, powerbox at 12

    Use only 12channels if possible, the upper channels sometimes are funny in all rx’s not only 900



  • Rich,

    I followed the direction to connect the 900 reciever using the Enlink.

    But when I unplug the two 2.4GHz Rx, the plane does not respond to the 900 Rx.

    In the Jeti Tx, it has a check mark next to the 900. It appears to be binded and active but does not respond.

    What else can I check to make sure I setup correctly?

    BTW, I updated the 900 Rx to the latest SW that includes PPM/UDI.


  • I flashed it with that and it still does not work.

    Van you share a schematic and step by step one more time?

    I read the instructions and something does not work.

    The 900 is showing up on my transmitter as active. But when I disconnect the two 2.4GHz, the plane dies not respond. The 900 is still showing with a check mark but no response. Thanks

  • which port do you plug the enlink into 900 Rx? Plug into Chl 3?

    I will try this from beginning again. I have followed it but when I unplug the two 2.4GHz Rx, the plane does not respond to Tx input while the 900 Rx still shows a chk mark next to it!

    Thanks. Will try it again.