Powerbox Professional/elektronic ignition dla 64 2 stroke boxer engine

  • Hi,

    Engine DLE 64 boxer 2 cilinder, 2 stroke, Spektrum DX9 black edition DSMX.

    The manual from the engine says: Use seperate battery's for ignition and receiver.

    Now i use Powerbox professional (V2).

    Is it alloud to get power for ignition from the powerbox?

    Thank you in advance,

    Frans from the Netherlands.....

  • Hi Richard,

    I use my Powerbox professional with 2x 2S Life 4000 mAh.

    I understood that you are not recommending to feed the ignition directly from the Powerbox, but if I use your SkarkSwitch in between, could this be feed out of the Powerbox?

    If yes, I would have a redundant power supply for my ignition as well and I could save the weight of a third battery.

    I'm running a DLE61 with the original ignition which can be power up from 4,8 to 8,4V.

    Regards - Luc .

  • Hello,

    the SparkSwitch is a Optocoupler switch which seperates the ignition from the receiver. If you connect the receiver power to the SparkSwitch, the Optocircuit has no more function: It´s like without Optocoupler. Static discharge and interference may come to the receiver/Powerbox/servos

  • I see,

    Maybe I would be a good Idea to add an Optocoupler directly to the Powerbox for powering ignitions.

    This would add some extra safe and redundancy.

    Thank you for the fast answer.

    Regards - Luc

  • Hello Richard,

    I understand your concern about discharges and interfearances from the ignition system. I guess those can be identified and a clever filtering added to a power output for an ignition switch can solve your concerns. It would be a great feature to have a power output for the ignition included in the the powerboxes.

    Think about it with your clever R&D engineers.

    Looking forward Powerbox Systems can add such feature in the future.

    Kind regards from Graz