Champion/Royal Spektrum Telemetry and Number of Remote Satellite Receivers.

  • When I use a TM1000 for telemetry to my Spektrum transmitter with a Competition Powerbox only 3 satellite receivers are active. Would the same be true when using a Royal or Champion Powerbox unit with a TM1000 for SPektrum telemetry or do all 4 satellite receivers stay connected and work. Does it show data for all 4 satellite receivers? Why is the Competition Powerbox able to use only 3 receivers when telemetry is invoked?

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  • Hello,

    with the Royal you have all 4. In the Cockpit the 3-pole telemetry wire for synchronisation the I²C telemetry is inside connected to the 2. satellite input. Nobody knew 10 years ago that it will be necessary someday. So it´s a workarround.