Evolution strange behaviour

  • I have this power box "Evolution" on my plane and I noted that only one of the 2 batts is discharging while flying (always the same one; number I side). The other one is not being used at all!!!

    Last sunday I tested only the number I connected and seems worked normally; yet I didn't risked to fly with only that one connected and flew with both connected. Leds are lightning normally... nothing besides discharging (measured while putting the batts in charge) leds me to thing on some malfunctioning... I swaped the batts so to confirm that batteries are not the problem.

    Is there any logic explanation? I though that both are to be used simoultaneously-or so....

    Do I have to be worried?!?!?


  • Hello Guillermo,

    To your explanation, it seems that the regulators are set to different output voltages. Can you confirm set by measure the output voltage?

    1. connect only battery 1 and switch on the unit. Measure output voltage and note the value.

    2. connect only battery 2 and check output voltage.

    If Iam correct, you should measure 5,9V at one time and and 7,4V on the other time.

    If it is the case, please switch the output voltage of only one side.