• Richard-I didnt know where to put the question but when looking at this product, the pictures have me confused.


    i see a male and female mpx termination, and a DIN type male and female terminiation in the two pictures. then a picture of wire.

    how do i connect two servos and to what? help!!

    thanks, and if there is a better place to post these types of questions (i have more for these types of products) please show where is better to post.


  • The One4Two connector set does not come with the servo plugs installed, only the MPX ends (DIN style is the One4Three). The Male and Female MPX plugs are on each end of 2 160cm leads. You will cut the leads at what ever length best fits your installation and install the JR servo connectors Male/Female as needed for servo and RX connection on the exposed ends.

  • ahhh.. hence the JR plugs and the "professional" it. thanks that's what i thought but was not sure. since it is a short run i might just put a BUS2PWM thingy and 4 9" servo leads out of the fuse, then plug those into the wing servo's when i connect. not as neat as with my Rebel Pro and the BUS2PWM to a splitter to a bus into the Royal, but its a much smaller plane and i dont really need all that extra stuff and weight.

    thank you very much for your help on this.