2 axle vector

  • Hello Richard

    I have to made maiden flight with new jet+2 axle vector(vector no under Igyro).

    Igyro v16, dsx9 radio, standard configuration(no delta)

    I haven't enough channels so I'll set Igyro with standard test flight assistance procedure then I remove aux channel to use it for vector.

    When I run 2 axle vector Igyro switch to FM3 and heading mode of rud, elev and aile in this flight condition is “0”

    Obviously I lost the advantages of rudder heading (knife edge, slow rolls, etc) but I have the advantage of “normal” during vector flight.

    Have you some suggestion or different setup ?



  • Hello,

    most vector guys have no gyro on the rudder- only on the vector.
    What plane is it?

    TIP: fly in the normal surfaces. For vector you go to 70%- Elev Vect and Rudd Vect. Without heading. Increase then by 5 or 10% from flight to flight.

  • During 3D Phase you better don´t use Heading. Normally it´s no problem because you are steering all the time during hovering, but if you don´t- there can be a deflection on a surface- when you get speed it may cause an bad movement you don´t expect.
    If you don´t want to hover, only slow high angle flight passes you can use heading.

  • Hello Richard, the setup runs well but... it is not so easy to made hovering!!!
    During my tests I moved normal value from 70 to 100% but, from my point of view, stabilization in vector is not enought.
    What do you think if I start to add some points of boost?

    Thank you for your precious council


  • Hi all

    I have also a 2 axes vector, one on rudder and the other on ELV. I also use the igyro for AIL as well. Questions:
    1. When I set up the HH in the manual is stayed to remove manually the HH from rudder in the iGyro. Ok. I did. But why only the rudder? The HH setups in Mode 2 will remain for Ail and ELV? Why? Mode 2 is only Normal Mode! Why only the RUD must be removed?This is not clearly mentioned in the manual this issue.
    2. In Mode 3 (HH), in the iGyro will remain only the HH setups I made? The normal Mode setups also set up in Mode 2 will not be present in Mode 3?
    3. Where can I update my software for my iGyro? Will the actual setups remain or I will have to make a new setups from the begining by uploading the new updates?
    4. In the new software can be adjusted separately the deflection (end point) for the elevons?

    Many thanks for your help


  • Richard

    In one of your post above you mention NOT to use HH during hovering! In one of other post you recomend to use boost for hovering because it was tested by Ralf and goes perfect! I am now confused. Both afirmation comes into contradiction. I want to be straight. Question: Ralf use or not the HH during hovering? :)

    Many thanks


  • Hello,

    your questions are not complete clear: all this depends if you setup the iGyro manually or with the setup assistant...

    We recommend for normal surfaces:

    Aileron, Elevator -> Normal + Heading
    Rudder -> only Normal

    Aileron, Elevator, Rudder -> Normal + Heading

    For Vector planes:
    Aileron+Elevator -> Normal + Heading

    FM3 (3D)
    Aileron+ Elevator+ Vector functions -> Normal (no Heading at all) + Boost on Vector functions

    You will find the PowerBox Terminal to update on our Website:


  • Hi Richard

    Thanks for your answer. I have an older version iGyro I don't know which version.I bought it on June 2012. It has no setup wizard yet. So, I assign 2 separate knobs for each surface (one NM and the other HH) and adjust in flight.
    I am still confused for your recommendation to use in FM 2 NM and HH (less rudder). Why the HH is not ZERO in mode 2 for all surfaces? What does the boost function do ?



  • Hi richard,

    you are confused because you are talking with 2 different person, Mr zoli_jet and jetfly.

    I'm using your suggests with very good results. The only problem are my finghers, it is not easy to hover with jets.
    Today other 9 flight with many tests. I've not found difference with or without boost (tested with value of 2,3 and 4) in vector axle but I thing that the problem is the engine, not enought power. Or/and not enought vector angle. Max for now about 15 seconds of hover then I lost myself(ever at full power or little bit lower).
    Next week I'll change the engine with 20N more trust and I'll increase vector angles, do you suggest me to totally reset the Igyro?


  • Hello zoli_jet ,

    to use Heading in FM2 also is just an recomendation... I would propose following: Mount the iGyro in a small plane to get common with the functions and make some test flys with and without heading. So you can see how it works. The setup is not a big problem with V16- you are done in 10 minutes

  • Richard,

    Thanks for your reply but I think I was not enough clear. I will follow your suggestion and I will buy a small model to test the igyro but I asked you a theoretical question only.
    In the version 13 when I teach the HH for the 3 axis I have to adjust with an assigned knob the HH during flight as stayed in manual for each axis. Ok, once I establish a safe flight I have to switch to mode 3 in order to save the HH value in mode 3 (HH). Is it correct? Ok. I made it for all surfaces, in my case for both vectors (RUDD and ELV)and AIL, and I have to adjust the RUDD in mode 2 to ZERO manually. My question was: Why in Mode 2 which is NORMAL GYRO mode the HH values must be deleted only from the RUDD and remained the HH values in Mode 2 for AIL and ELV? In my personal logic in flight Mode 2 ONLY the NM values have to remain, and all HH values must be ZERO, otherwise I cannot see any difference between Mode 2 and 3, only the RUDD HH value must be put to ZERO in Mode 2.
    Second question is : In Mode 3 will be active also the NM and HH for all surfaces? seems logic to me that in HH the NM have to be active in order to correct external forces.

    I would appreciate if you could explain this issue before any flighst I will made with small or big models. It is very important for me.

    any thanks for your help


  • Hello,

    I´m sorry- but I must repeat again my answers from above:

    Aileron, Elevator -> Normal + Heading
    Rudder -> only Normal

    Aileron, Elevator, Rudder -> Normal + Heading

    This is my recommendation. You cannot use heaing hold on rudder during normal flight turns. This is the reason why we turn it off in FM2. FM2 is for normal flight. FM3 is for flying slow rolls or knive edge.
    HH for elevator and aileron is o.k. in all flight modes.
    You don´t have to us this settings, if you don´t want HH for aileron and elevator you can set it also to 0% for all Flightmodes.