Sudden Increase in Gyro Gain - Oscillations

  • Hello Powerbox folk,

    During a couple of flights of my Yak 54 this weekend I've experienced two instances of unexplained roll/aileron oscillations in level flight. This is a well flown model with iGyro SRS and GPS v1. The gains have been set up and flown successfully without this effect for several years.

    I confirm that the oscillations are not speed related and they have occurred once in a flight and I'm not able to deliberately reproduce them e.g. by flying at max speed into wind. Speed factor is set to 4.

    I've checked the configuration and there are no unexpected settings.

    Could this be a fault in the GPS unit? If I disconnect it, the iGyro reduces gains as expected.



  • Thanks Richard,

    I'll send it back to you.

    I also have some other items I would like your attention on please:

    A Sensor switch which seems to forget battery types and indicates low battery when configured for LiFE and also gets a bit hot under low loads

    Two Sensor swtiches with broken mounting lugs - I think the heat this summer got to them - the aircraft were not used this year

    A Gemini switch with broken mounting lugs - vibration induced I think.

    Are you happy for me to return them at the same time using a single repair query form?



  • Hello PowerBox folk,

    I returned this GPS I device a little over three weeks ago, as long with the three Sensors and broken Gemini II switch.

    Would you confirm you have received them please and give me an estimate of repair costs and return time please?