MicroMatch Throws

  • Thank you Richard. I believe the servo can since my servo driver can drive it to 136 degrees at 0.8-2.2 msec. and the transmitter only reaches 116 degrees with the endpoint settings at maximum.

  • I received this yesterday from Savox USA:

    "The SC1251MG servo has a operating travel of 90° in the range of 1000-2000 microseconds, and a maximum travel of 160° in the range of 700-2300 microseconds. Our servos are not programmable, so all travel settings will need to be set within your radio.

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    The SC1251MG is the servo I can get the desired degrees of rotation using my tester which has a range of 800-2200 microseconds, 132 degrees minimum. My next questions are what is the microsecond range of the Micro Match and will that override the limits set by my transmitter for the end points?