Royal SRS and Jeti DS 16: No gyro gain switch

  • Hi Richard,

    I have a PowerBox SRS Royal.

    I’m using a Jeti DS16 in dual path mode. All 12 channels

    were working fine including the Gyro mode switch and all control surfaces responding correctly when the Gryo is on.

    The problem is, I can’t get the PB to recognize a gyro gain switch. I have assigned channel 13 in the radio under servo assignment

    and in function assignment, then added Ch. 13 in input mapping for the normal gain for all the gyro control surfaces. This did not work.

    I tried the gyro assistant method and I still can get the PB to recognize the gain switch. I can't proceed with assistant because it won't recognize gain switch.

    Gain switch works in servo monitor and I tried +100 -100, +105 -105, and 0 +100. Nothing works.

    I updated the PB to v18.9 thinking maybe it was using

    UDI 12 not UDI 16. This did not help

    Now the gyro does not work at all.

    The mode switch works but surfaces don’t respond.

    When I tried to set the PB orientation it no longer has

    the images of the PB to choose,

    instead it asks you to tilt the tail up, but PB does not accept the action.

    What am I doing wrong?