Carf Mephisto and Royal SRS

  • Hi Richard.

    I am setting up the CARF Mephisto and Royal SRS.

    The mephisto uses 4 servos on elevators (2 on each half), ailerons, rudder and VT.

    The elevators perform also as Tailerons when in 3D mode.

    Is there a way to setup the Royal Gyro to work on all surfaces - elevators, ailerons (including tailerons when active), rudder and VT?

    I managed to make all the setup but without the elevators\tailerons.



  • Hello,

    you have 2 elevator outputs. You need one for the vector thrust and one for the elevator. If you want tailerons mixing ax well you can do that in the gyro but you cannot turn off the tailerons.

    But my question is: why do you want to make it so complicate? If you are hovering 3D - there is no airflow: makes no sense to have taileron mixing for this ...

  • Hi Robert,

    You are right - when it hovers it is not necessary, but most of the flight is not hovering - rather than harriers, spins, snaps etc. where all the surfaces are activated. I am just looking for the best way to apply Gyro to all surfaces, as it is possible on the Cortex. I am trying to get the same effect, without installing the cortex, in addition to the Royal...



  • Hello again,

    thinking about this again this morning: the solution is very simple!

    You setup the model like this:

    Aileron-A and Elevator-B as Delta mixed in the PowerBox for the tailerons.

    Aileron-B for the wing ailerons

    Elevator-B for the Vector

    Rudder-A for the Rudder

    Rudder-B for the Vector

    Set your transmitter for normal flying:

    Flightmode 1: Normal flying: No Aileron movement for the tail aileron channel or any other setup

    Flightmode 2: Normal flying: No Aileron movement for the tail aileron channel or any other setup

    Flightmode 3: Full surface movement including tail aileron and vector movement


    FM1: Gyro off or only ratemode. 0% Gain on the tail aileron and the vector

    FM2: Gyro on, rate or heading for normal flying. 0% gain for the tail aileron

    FM3: 100% gain on all surfaces, Boost 3, no heading on all surfaces

    FM1 and FM2 - you are free in setting whatever you want - just an example

    I think this is exactly the setup you want. If you feel the vector gyro is not enough you can set the option "Gyro Sense x4" with that you can reach 400% gain - there is another post in RC-Universe: the pilot there has done that and when hovering it´s: Hands off!

    No need for complicating life with black boxes ;-)

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Sounds great, except in this setup - in FM1 and 2 how can I stop the tail aileron from working, since the delta mode is configured in the royal itself and not in the radio.

    In my understanding in this setup the tail aileron will work all the time in all flight modes.

    Am I wrong?