Redundancy using FRSSKY

  • FRSKY HORUS X12S can be equipped with an optional 900MHz module that can be activated in parallel to the 2.4GHz.

    The 900MHz FRSKY receiver also support SBUS (same as Futaba protocol). This radio set up + PowerBOX Competition SRS is a very nice and quite cheap solution to implement RF Link redundancy. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that he has already tested this set up succesfully (Just need to set the PowerBOX for Futaba).

  • Yes this will work perfectly. I would use 2x 2.4g receivers and use one RX8R with a R9Slim+ receiver for example. You can also use 2x 2.4g and 2x R9 receivers for maximum reception coverage. In theory you could use almost unlimited receivers and put them in serial and link 2 of those combo's into the powerbox. So many options with FrSky. I really hope when F-Port is mature that Powerbox will support it native so we will have all the great features like dual receiver telemetry link ect.