Unexplained Loss of Elevator Heading Gain

  • Hello PowerBox team

    A well flown model, with long term unchanged settings, was showing some odd behaviour today.

    The single elevator A was set up in FM2 and FM3 with 50% rate and 25% heading gain, boost 1, speed 3, However the elevator behaved as if in rate mode only when checked on the ground. I checked this several times and after several power cycles with no change.

    I reset to factory settings and re-entered the same settings as before . This seems to make the elevator behave as expected when moved on FM 2 and FM 3 - i.e. the deflection remains when the model was not moved from the new position.

    However I saw some slow return movement of the elevator when not expected i.e it returned part way as if heading gain was much reduced and also a couple of times on the rudder (FM3 heading gain at 27%). This stopped after a while. I've just remembered I didn't move the sticks to their extreme positions after the factory reset (in case that makes a difference)

    All checks done with GPS V1 logged in.

    Please advise if this unit is likely to be faulty.



  • Hello,

    not 100% sure if I understand you correctly: the Heading doesn´t work in all flight modes? Do you have a mixer to the elevator when switching the flightmode? For example some mixing which moves the elevator out of the center?

  • Hello Richard

    FM1 is set for rate only on all surfaces - worked as expected

    FM2 rate and heading on ailerons and elevator

    FM3 rate and heading on ailerons, elevator and rudder.

    No mixes in the transmitter

    In FM2 and FM3 the elevator did not have any heading gain effect on the surface but configured to 22%. So elevator (only) did not behave any differently in any flight mode - - I moved the tail up or down and elevator deflected momentarily and then returned to neutral.



  • Hello,

    Heading is only software - no issues known, Hardware works - else the normal mode would not work.

    Please use the "Zero Gyro" function to teach the neutral positions new. Then it should work.

    What software version do you have?