Gyro-stabilized nose wheel

  • Bonjour à tous,

    Je souhaite que le gyroscope soit actif sur la roue avant mais pas sur les autres axes en position FM1.

    Quelle est la solution ?

    Selon vous, quel est le style de correction le mieux adapté

    RATE MODE, Att Assist Standard ou Att Assist All.

    Merci pour vos réponses.

  • Excuse me these the automatic translator

    " Hello everyone,

    I would like the gyro to be active on the nose wheel but not on the other axes in position FM1.

    What is the solution ?

    According to you what is the correction style best fit

    RATE MODE, Att Assist Standard or Att Assist All.

    Thank you for your answers. "

  • Hello,

    your nose wheel needs it´s own channel - seperate from the rudder. Then you can increase the gain in FM1 only for Gyro Rudder - B. All other outputs have 0% gain. You can do that manually after the testfly assistant.

    I recomend rate mode for the steering wheel.

  • Hi Richard,

    I just read your post again.

    For the first flight of my machine is it possible to put FM1 on gyro off, perform the gyro setting flight as expicate in the record and then pass the gyro on RATE in FM1 only on the wheel which is well assigned in rudder B.

    Because if I set the mode RATE in FM1 in the screen "assistant testfly" I can not change it without a reset.

    How to make it stand Off while having the gyro on the wheel in position FM1.

    I'd like to get that:


    Ailerons> Gyro> Off

    Elevator> Gyro> Off

    Rudder A> Gyro> Off

    Rudder B> Rate mode> On

    is this possible?

    Thank you for your answer

  • Hello,

    yes this is possible. That´s exactly what you have to do: Do the test flight for all surfaces in the air, after that - you set the gain for the steering wheel manually. Just increase the gain by 10% step by step.