GPS und 9 Achsen Sensor

  • Hi,

    What the GPS module and 9-axis motion sensor (3-axis Angular velocity, 3-axis Acceleration, 3-axis Heading) in the CIORE transmiter can be use for?

    Here are some things, some less useful, some more useful things, it could be used for in combination of a GPS sensor in plane:

    1. Know the bearing (direction), from magnetic North, You are pointing the transmitter into (basically a compass).

    2. Tilt and rotate the transmitter to make voice readouts or to control most things You normally can control via ordinary inputs (like servo movements on channels, flight modes on/off, dual rates, other on/off features etc).

    3. Distance from TX to vehicle, and bearing (direction) your plane is moving from your TX.

    4. Display a map where the TX is located and where vehicle is located (also useful to find "lost planes")

    5. Have a "fly home" function (to take-off point or to dynamic point where TX is for the moment).

    6. Failsafe for lost radiolink so plane stear itself to a specific GPS coordinate and land (or crash) there safely.

    7. Alarm when model flying beyond user set distance from TX or outside a defined area (on ground) or volume ("box" of air)

    8. "Follow me" feature so vheicle follow TX (at specified distance and height)

    I know two other radios that has 6-axis motion sensor (3-axis Angular velocity, 3-axis Acceleration), that is FrSky X12S and Jeti DS-24.
    None of them has a 3-axis Heading sensor. FrSky X12S has also a built in GPS module in transmitter. Jeti DS-24 has not a GPS module built in to transmitter.
    Some multicopter radios such as from DJI has some of above features.

    I do not know if the CORE transmitter have or will have support for voice commands so one can record own voices and assign them to functions so for example if you say the recorded command the transmitter will recognice it and do what it is told by the command, maybe with an option to switch voice command on(with an on/off switch/button) before TX wil respond to any voice command. But this combined with p. 2 above could make it very flexible how control inputs could be made in transmitter in addition to the sticks, switches, knobs and levers. Commands by voice is little dangerous perhaps but if used with caution and for control of non safety critical things by the user it could be rather valuable thing.

    It can be a good approah to start with a blank sheet of paper regarding what 9-axis motion sensor and GPS module in the TX should be used for in RC systems for planes. helicopters, multicopters etc, but it can also be a good point to list things the other radio manufacturer can do with their radios, that has motion sensor and or GPS module in transmitter to pick up valuable ideas and see what might be useful to implement also in a CORE radio. And then also of course try to figure out some valuable usage that will enhance safety for example that might be CORE unique.


  • Hello,

    thank you for the ideas. We have both GPS+ 9 axis sensor: so the hardware sets us no limits. We also have a microphone inside. But I think for the voice commands from the radio most people will use the Acapella Text to speach software to make their own commands.

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