Problems in FM2 and FM3 with Mercury

  • Dear Richard,

    I am using in most of my jets PB Royal, no problems there.

    Now I have used in 2 of my Jets the Mercury, in FM1 ( without gyro) there are no problems, but if I use FM2 or FM3 I get "knicks" in my movements. In the air you can see clearly that there are uncontroled fast movements ( I call them knicks) of the ail, ele and rudder. As soon as I switch back to FM1 everything is super.

    Also when I startup the turbine on the ground in FM2 or FM3 I see these "knicks" !! If I switch back to FM1 everything is perfect.

    The gain is absolutly not to high, I experimented with several gains.

    So I can't use the gyro function with these Mercury's :-(

    I think the mercury's are from one of the firts batches, I bought 3 of them by JP of ZNline.

    kind regards

    Desmond Loomans

  • Thanks for your quick response,

    Richard are these issues also solved during flight with this foam cover???

    The "knicks" during startup I don't find a problem, but in flight it is a big problem.

    Are you sure it can't be a sensor in the Mercury?

    I will gladly built them out of the model and send them to you.

    to which email adress musst I send my adress?

    kind regards