Mercury and Mikado controller Touch+NEO Vbar V-link receiver with auto trim

  • Hi Richard

    I have 2 questions regarding a spare Mercury i have and would like to use in my jet

    1. Can i use a Mikado Vbar Neo with the Mercury with S-BUS as a satellite and how would i compensate for the auto trim function in the NEO and use the full function of the Mercury.

    2.Could i completely bypass the gyro in the Mercury and all other functions and just use it as a S-BUS hub for the extra channels needed, then to use the VBar NEO's gyro and auto trim and set up functions?

  • Hello,

    1. Yes, I think you can use the S.BUS output from the Mikado. In principle you don´t need trim for the surfaces if you use the Attitude assist (heading mode) from the Mercury

    2. This works for sure, no idea if the Neo is working with fixed wing planes...