igyro 3e can not reverse effect

  • This is my fourth igyro 3e, so not my first rodeo. When I push the button on my newest unit to reverse a channel the sequencing LEDs all light up and remain lit as long as the button is held down. When the button is released (after various tries of from 2 to 30 seconds) the LEDs go back to to sequencing. It will never enter the adjustment mode. I tried reversing using the BlueCom adaptor, it says "no device connected". What to do? If I need to return the unit for exchange do I return it to you or Chief Aircraft where it was purchased?

  • Update: Retry reversing with button successful. Evidently unit is OK. However still can not connect Bluecom adaptor. I recently purchased the Bluecom and find I also am also not able to connect to my previous iGyro 3e units. I am using an iPhone. What is the secret here? I am ordering a USB terminal adaptor anyway...

  • Bluecom connected to Bluetooth in phone, mobil terminal app displayed in phone, dropdown menu set to "iGyro 3e", No Green Antenna, two OPTION buttons... "Quick Connect" does nothing, "Quick Update" searches and returns "no device connected" . What Now?