Send in for uppgrade?

  • Hello

    I have a PB Royal SRS Ver 11.7

    Do you consider it necessary to update it?

    I would like to receive telemetry and the opportunity to use BlueCom!

    If I send it in for updating I want to buy 2 teleconverter SBUS-2 which you can add to the same package so I don't have 2 shipping to Sweden.

    Regards Daniel

  • I saw that there are these updates that might be relevant:


    Initialisation for Gyro sensor optimized. Message if sensor initialisation failed


    BlueCom functions added, for a first issue you can adjust GENERAL SETTINGS and adjust SERVOMATCHING with the BlueCom adapter and mobile phone now.(This feature is only available with a signal controller version equal or higher than .7)

    Boosted Gyro startup, Gyro doesn´t need an initialisation phase at startup anymore


    iGyro Bugfix (non critical)

    It's okay, I don't need BlueCom.

    If telemetry works without updating then maybe there is no need to update?

    Regards Daniel