GPS II vs GPS II Preset for Futaba Sbus

  • I feel like this is a dumb question, but I need a GPS II to plug into a PB Royal SRS device. My usual retailer only has the "preset for Futaba S-Bus II" version in stock. Will this still work for my needs? Or will I need to reprogram it using my USB adapter?

  • You would need to use the USB adapter to reprogram the GPSII preset for Futaba for use with your Royal.

    The Futaba version simply comes pre-set for Futaba telemetry use, there is no other difference in the unit. Simply connect to the Terminal and select the "iGyro / Mercury SRS / Royal SRS" Telemetry System option, and in GPS Configuration select the "optimized for speed" option below it. The changes are automatically saved so you simply disconnect the GPSII once the selections are made and it's ready to use with your Royal.