SparkSwitch Pro and Ignitors without tacho output

  • For all Ignitors without tacho output we can use small device, developed initially for OS MAX Ignitors, but usable for all other ignitors without tacho output.

    This device with dimensions 25x17mm, weight less than 5g contains four connectors:

    1. connect input from Hall (or other type of sensor, for instance DA sensors are not a Hall type) sensor on engine

    2. connect output from ignitor, normally connected to Hall sensor

    3. connect input lead from ignitor, normally used for power supply of ignitor, does not matter what voltage, it's working from 1.1V up to 3 cells full voltage

    4. connect to SparkSwitch Pro

    If is anybody is interested in it, send me private message please.

    On the picture you can see:

    1. Left side - device without shrink tube covering, to be able have look to implementation, PCB is two side, well shielding, used all SMD components excluding mosfet

    2. Right side - device covered, this covering is safe, do not need any metal box, easy use flexible strips for fixing, ideal position is near to ignitor

    UPDATE !!!

    New version of device, information inside this thread, at the bottom :-)

  • Rudi,

    if you post the perfect connection picture you have been sending to me here, there should be a lot more people here

    needing your device. I'm looking forward very much receiving mine from you.



  • Hallo All,

    new version is ready, on pictures you can see differences in size (new version is smaller), and new version has LED indicator of functionality, showing (blinking) status - sending pulses into SparkSwitch Pro:

    1. Here you can see both, installed old version, but connected new version, SparkSwitch Pro is ON (LED on fuselage)

    2. Engine is sending RPM info to SparkSwitch Pro (on device LED is ON)

    3. Little bit more rpm to be able see it on transceiver telemetry:

    All, whom I sent old version, I will send gratis new also, not need pay anything :-)

    Have a fun


  • Some details about right installation/connection:

    1. On image you can see, how to connect all cables, if there is something unclear, not exact, please tell me!

    2. On second image you can see, that engine turned little bit, to change position of hall sensor, immediately is LED on device ON.

    It is really helpful, to have immediately information, that signal was passed to SparkSwitch Pro. In case when LED stay off, not blinking, when you rotate engine, then something went wrong, and signal is not passed. But I hope that never happen :-)

    3. Pinout

    If somebody will need help, please do not hesitate contact me immediately, also share please your experiences with new device!

    For all users of multi-cylinder engines, please have look into my post in thread SparkSwitch PRO and multi cylinder engines

    Couple of pilots are using this new device developed especially for SparkSwitch Pro, me too (first one, prototype :-)) and all are really satisfied with possibility to measure MIN/MAX temperatures on cylinders, using SparkSwitch Pro directly. I'm using this device also for one cylinder engine, with 2 sensors in different positions inside cowl. It's helpful for me, to be sure that engine is well cooled.