Transferring Setting data between two Powerbox Mercury?

  • Hi Richard,

    My friend is flying his Carf Eurosport using Powerbox Mercury, I too recently bought the same Jet with a new "Powerbox Mercury", everything is identical between our two jets, we need to transfer his setting between his Powerbox Mercury to mine, is it possible? If so how to do it? If not this is a big miss in your great product which should be addressed, since Powerbox Mercury does not have any SD Card media to copy data.

    Please help.




  • Hello,

    I´m sorry: the mercury doesn´t has this feature. But it´s a 15 minutes job to transfer input/output mapping and gyro settings.

    Also I recommend to do the gyro adjustments again in the air. Even identical planes often needs different gyro settings.

  • Thank you for your fast response, hope you are planning to add this function in the near future? May be by offering an application which can read and write on any user data section? It will be very popular and handy and make our life much easier.