Powerbox 2500x2 Pro fail to recharge after weeks of inop

  • Hi Richard

    i have three 2500x 2 Pro installed into my model with recharge extension cable kit. two battery are feeding the Mercury and one the kill switch. the model is grounded since october 2018. during the past months i recharged the batt a couple of times without problems. during the past weekend i connected the charger to the extension cables for a periodic recharge and i discloded the following:

    The charge light of one battery connected to the Mercury was orange and the other yellow. The battery of the third battery connected to the kill swithc was solid green. i noticed that the Mercury magnet switch green light where flickering. I was not able to start the Mercury on with the magnet. i connected the charger but the two battery feeding the Mercury didn't charge at all. Finally i removed the three battery off the model and connected them to the charger again. The one that was connected to the kill switch completed the charge quickly and the other two in about 5 hours they lit green.

    My question to you is if the Mercury drain current if it stay connected to the battery. If yes it seems to me necessary to disconnect the battery from the Mercury for long inactivity which is quite disappointing because the reason why i may select the powerbox battery is to install them into a remote area without the need to remove them for recharge.

    Also how does it come that the two magnet switch light were flickering when i connected the external charger ?

    Please comment, thanks

  • Hi Richard

    last night i connected to the charger the powerpak 2500 x 3 Pro that you have repaired about two months ago and since i used only once. after the all night the battery didn't recharge . Therefore this morning i sent to you this battery plus the Qty 7 2500 x 2 Pro that we have discussed here above.

    Note the two 2500 x 2 Pro subject to deep discharge have a red tag on -