Powerbox 2500x2 Pro fail to recharge after weeks of inop

  • Richard

    you may recall that i sent to you 8 power pack (seven 2500x2 Pro and one 2500x 3 Pro).

    I installed 5 of them into two models. and on two of them i installed the batt life guard and i noticed that one powerpack batt life guard red light went off after about 6 hours and on the second battery ( SN 284487 ) it is still on after one day . I fully recharged this power pack and resinstalled the batt life guard ( a different one ) but the red light after two days stil doesn t go off . I installed the battery and i notice that the bar charge was only a little down. i understood that the batt life guard should discharge the batt down to the safe voltage in a few hours not days. Pls advise , is this normal ?


  • HI Richard, i charged two other 2500x2 pro and than installed the batt life guard. the red ligh went off 2 days after. i was miss lead by reading this statement:

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    Battlife Guard is simply plugged into the battery connector, and the electronic circuit then detects whether the pack's voltage is above a particular level. If the voltage is higher than the voltage threshold which is harmful for the battery, then the unit gently discharges the pack to a lower voltage level over a period of several hours.

    So now i know what several hours means no PB. I was just worried that the batt would deep discharge.

    PS the defective 2500x3 PRO was delivered to you this morning.


  • I understand that the discharge time of the 2500x2 PRO from full charge to long term storage takes two days, so this seems to be fine at least for the three battery i have checked so far.

    For what concern the 2500X3 Pro returned to you on monday that doesnt allow more than one -two start of the turbine i wait for your feedback. I hope you will replace it.