SparkSwitch Pro + Teleconverter + Competition SRS - Installation guidance

  • Hi Richard,

    I am trying to get my Spark Switch Pro connect to my Competition SRS in Futaba setup. I am using 2 Futaba RX (7003 SB). Currently Teleconverter from Competition SRS is connected to the Sbus2 port. The setup uses the Old Spark switch (7.4V) to power my GP 123. Also the Sparkswitch draws power from the competition SRS.

    I usually connect one of the Powerbox Competition SRS output as power input for the spark switch ( helps avoid an extra battery and all power runs from the competition srs)

    How do i make the connections for telemetry in the new spark switch pro setup ?

    - Should i do a Y to the Sbus2 port ? with 1 lead for teleconverter and 1 for Spark swith pro ?



  • Hello,

    1. You should not take power from the PowerBox for the ignition. There is a big effort inside the SparkSwitch to seperate the ignition circuit from the receiver circuit. We use optic IR transceivers for that. If you take the power from the PowerBox for the ignition you bypass all this and you may get static discharge and interference from the ignition to the PowerBox/receiver.

    2. For the telemetry you just have to use a Y-haness for teleconverter and SparkSwitchPro to the receiver.

  • Hi Richard,

    The whole idea of drawing power from Competition is to reduce the number of batteries, Are you saying there should ALWAYS be a separate ignition battery when Spark Switch is used ? No matter what ? I have not had any issues so far with this setup for many flights.
    I have seen many places people drawing power directly from the receiver. Infact there is a video suggesting to do the same, from aj-aircraft ( cant seem to find it anymore).

    Please advice, i am happy to use a separate battery if that is the recommended way with Spark Switch. Just want to confirm.
    Also if i dont use a switch between the spark switch and the separate battery , what is the current draw ? How can i find out what is the left over voltage in the battery without taking the hatch off and manually measuring it ?

    Thanks for the help

  • Hello,

    yes- we recomment to use always a seperate battery. The whole SparkSwitch technology makes no sense if you connect ignition and receiver in the end...

    The SparkSwtich Pro was made to have the battery data as telemetry data.