Receiver/PowerBox connection

  • Hello Core pilots,

    after some of you asked me the question I found out that there is no official answer :whistling:

    How to connect a PBR receiver to a PowerBox?

    There is an answer for now, and an answer for later:

    For now: Set the PowerBox (SRS-types) to M-Link and connect the receiver to the DATA port. The DATA port has now a SRXL standard digital protocol output which contains 16 channels

    For later: After an update of the PowerBoxes you will have the P²-BUS option in the PowerBox. Then you can connect to the receivers P²-BUS output/input and you will have 26 channels and telemetry with only one wire.

    We are actually working on this updates, for the BaseLog we already have this update. The Mercury will follow soon. After that: Competition SRS, Cockpit SRS, Royal SRS (maybe not in that sequence).