Mercury SRS + GPS II + Teleconverter

  • Hi,

    Mercury SRS + GPSII + Teleconverter connected to SBUS2 porto of Futaba R7003SB nr.1 receiver.

    On rx telemetry I used to see all the correct data, only GPS posiiton remains zeroed to N:00:00:00 and E:00:00:00

    Altitude, speed and all the rest of the data received seem fine.

    One updated GPSII sw and Teleconverter all was fine with position too (latitude and longitude).

    I see V07 sw on the Mercury SRS.

    1) Do I need to upgrade it too, or not needed ?

    2) And if I'll have to upgrade, will I loose all the settings (output mapping, doors sequencer etc.) or not?

    Thank you!