Igyro + AR12310T PowerSafe Receiver and Telemetry

  • Dear Richard ,

    I use Igyro 3E and SRS in my planes . I love it . I use SRS with XG14 Xbus and 3E with DX9 Spektrum .

    Now i bought a new IX12 Spektrum and PowerSafe receiver AR12310T and want to try it with SRS . The plane will be a NIB Inverza 33 from H9 with 36cc gas engine .

    Please help me with 2 questions :

    1 - PowerSafe receiver AR12310T has two power inputs that work in a redundant way to protect the system from any faults. The scheme you shown (attach SRS-1.jpg) has the battery going straight into Igyro. How should I power Igyro with this receiver ? Do you have a picture of the installation scheme with this type of receiver ??

    2 - This receiver has SRXL output and telemetry, will be possible to receive the Igyro GPS information by telemetry on Radio Spektrum IX12 ? Speed, coordinates, etc?

    BTW i really don't know the software version of my igyro srs right now , but before install in this new plane i will update to last one .

    Thanks !!

    Best Regards ,

    Eduardo .

  • Hello,

    I fear the Powersafe receiver and the iGyro SRS are not compatible.

    The Gyro SRS has satellites inputs and Digital Bus output, but no satellite outputs as the Powersafe receiver needs. You better connect an iGyro3e after the receiver.

    The iGyro SRS works fine with ourPowerBoxes (SRS). The have serial inputs which can be connected with the iGyro outputs. But in that case a Mercury is cheaper and has all inside.

    Our GPS is also not compatible with the Spektrum telemetry, Spektrum has a 4-pole I²C interface - all other brands use only 3-pole UART interfaces which is state of technology.