No rudder B change while using flight assistant

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if the following behaviour is normal, while using flight assistant on the ground before setting it up for the flight test..

    Here is the set up: Igyro SRS+GPS+Powerbox competitionSRS with futaba T18MZ and 2 6308SB receivers.

    In order to use 3 savox 1230 servos on the (huge) rudder of an Ultimate, I selected "digital OUT" to have the possibility to use rudder A (with 2 servos+matching) and rudder B with the third servo. I have a permanent prog mix on the radio to mix rudder A servos and rudder B servo.

    I have one switch for the gain and one switch for flight mode and they are correctly seen by the gyro.

    Here is my trouble: when I use flight assistant, the programmation for rudder A is NOT duplicated for rudder B.

    After using the assistant, having a look at gyro settings, all rudder A elements (FM0,1,2) are OK, but all rudder B elements (FM0,1,2) are forced at 0: is that normal?

    I can manually put all the elements on the rudder B settings afterwards, BUT it means that I can't use flight assistant in the air (at least for rudder parameters), as the rudder B servo won't move like the 2 others.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    understand, but you need to change the connections. If you do it like above the 3rd servo will newer run really synchron.

    Use only Rudder-A in the Gyro. Then put the servos on the Powerbox for example to H and D. You can do it in the output mapping by assigning the same channel to D and H.

    The Servo H is the "Master" - adjust it in the radio. Now you can match the servos on D in the PowerBox.

  • I don't understand why the synchro should not be ok between rudder A and rudder B.

    Moreover I have a problem with all servo matching of any brand and any system: you always match 3 positions: middle and both extrem position.

    But when you have big travel adjust (60° on servo to have 40° on the rudder to maximise power) and you have a look in between middle and one extrem, the matching is not correct.

    I have an example with my current both Rudder A servos: perfect middle and extreme BUT not perfect when I switch low rate (position between middle and extreme).

    So I always use 5 points mixing to match slave servo on the 5 points of the master.

  • Hello,

    if the servos are mounted one behind the other with linkage I hardly can believe that the 3-point matching is not enough. In most cases you don´t need to match them at all. Servo matching is usually necessary for the ailerons where the servos are mechanical not mounted identical.

    You have to match two of them - anyways, so why make the 3rd one different.

    RudderA and Rudder B are calulated seperate, so theoretical: same input, same output, but my have a difference.

  • In fact the both servos on the rudder A are the both one behind the other and the third one is on the side.

    They are easier to match but still not perfect for position in between middle and extrem.

    Ok for the separate calculation for rudder A and B.

    Anyway, for general information, could you confirm if it is normal to have no duplication of the values rudder A and B with flight assistant?

    Thank you