Mercury Setup Delta wing issue

  • Hello Richard,

    I am setting up my Eurosport. I am using an 18MZ and two 7008 receivers connected to the Powerbox Mercury. The issue I’m having is after I go through setup assistance, I can’t individually adjust sub-trim and end-points on the ailerons from the radio. If I adjust channel 1 (right aileron) both ailerons adjust. If I adjust end points on channel 1 it sets the end points for both ailerons. When going through the setup assistance, when I get to the point where it asked to move the aileron channel so it can detect, its only showing channel 1 on the Mercury screen and looks like its slaving the other channel, it’s not assigning a second channel even though I’m inputting two channels from the radio.

    My radio is setup as normal wing (2-servo) and normal tail (2-servo). The Mercury is set to delta wing.

    Everything else is work as it should, gyro, etc.

    I setup a Eurosport a few years ago with a Royal and I though you could adjust each channel individually? What am I doing wrong?



  • Hello,

    of course - if the Mercury is on Delta mode and you adjust the Aileron both move...

    If I understand it correct you want to adjust the centerpoints. Just move the center from Aileron and elevator to get them centered

    Important: No delta mixing in the radio!

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Just to clarify, your are saying I need to adjust the center points within the Mercury?

    It can not be done on the 18mz when the Mercury is in delta mode, correct?

  • Richard,

    I can’t… See attached pictures of the radio and Mercury setup.

    When I adjust the center point on channel 1, it changes the center point of both ailerons.

    Also, I purchased this powerbox from Dreamworks about a year ago and I’m just getting around to building the jet. It doesn’t have the yellow dot on the bottom side, should I send it back? I have read that this unit could have some issues in a jet?

  • Hello,

    of course it sets both ailerons - it´s a delta mix! Just make them both equal with the aileron trim, then use the elevator trim and bring them together up or down!

    With the mercurys without yellow dot is not a general problem - only with some installations it maybe that the gyro sensors are sensitive to the turbine noise. You can easily find that out with running turbine on the ground with gyro on.

    Remember: it´s not a specific Mercury problem: all gyros (any brand) use this kind of sensors and may have this problem depending on the installation!